The Hijacking of Gay Pride

Gay Pride activists used to march in celebration of their culture and to call for their civil rights. But their marches have become consumed by political causes unrelated to their actual struggle.


Unfortunately, far too many of these activists have adopted and espoused the political rhetoric of their supporters and benefactors, as if it somehow had something to do with their real reason for being there.

As a result, Gay Pride events have become platforms for socialists, anarchists, anti-Trumpers and, most amazingly, pro-Muslim apologists.

The outside power players swooped in. Sadly, concern for the LGBT community was never a necessary part of their mission statement. In truth, the Pride Movement was considered just a potential accomplice for their political endgame.


The result of this clever infiltration is that it led the movement to embrace the actual evil (discrimination) that they were organized to oppose. Gays who differ with the declared political agenda are now shunned. How sad and ironic.

The traditional Gay Pride celebration has been stolen. Their parades and rallies have been transformed into strident demonstrations, not for those few rights that gays don’t already have, but for a collection of incestuous political agendas.

Granted, many in the gay community are inclined toward leftist ideology, but that doesn’t mean they all are. In fact, attitudes are changing within the community as we speak.

Many are discovering that, despite the sugary talk by their political “supporters”, they have been used. They’ve also noticed that almost everyone they encounter in everyday life seems fine with them doing their thing. So why can’t they also be free to believe what they believe?

The essence of this is that society as a whole is clearly pro gay rights. The exclusion from Gay Pride events of gay groups who differ on certain other issues proves one thing:

The movement has been hijacked.





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