Airplane – The Healthcare Movie

Leslie Nielsen was not born to be a cop, let alone a doctor. Peter Graves and Kareem weren’t cut out to be pilots. Maybe there’s a lesson in all of that.


Every healthcare system, no matter how it works or who provides it, is really just a plane without a pilot. In this case, the pilot is called doctor. Once you’ve been provided the plane (of someone else’s design, unfortunately), you at least deserve the right to choose the flight crew. After all, it’s your life at stake, isn’t it?


Being provided the plane that delivers you to your own recovery may or may not be a constitutional right. By now, that’s beside the point. But…once provided that vehicle, you alone should choose the experts who make your personal medical decisions… those who will, while serving only one customer (you), safely direct that plane to a happy landing.

We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The right to make our own medical decisions perfectly fits with all of these.

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