Is the CO2 Bubble About to Burst?

New scientific experiments from CERN and others indicate that CO2 is not the driver of temperatures as we have been led to believe. UV rays from the sun and ocean current patterns are among the culprits. This is why the climate models consistently overstate temperature increases.


Is it possible that the “consensus” CO2 bubble is about to burst? Wouldn’t that be good news for our planet? Will the governmental and environmental orthodoxies be able to accept this, if true? Are they really interested in what is good for the planet or what’s good for their political agenda? Sadly, when you follow the money and power, the path is unlikely to change. There is too much invested in the outcome.

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6 thoughts on “Is the CO2 Bubble About to Burst?

  1. Come on, Craig, this story is 5+ years old and has been debunked as a ridiculous and bogus claim, including by the CERN scientists who are “cited”. I thought you were trying to avoid bullshit, not perpetuate it. Is there some reason you think we should believe “alternative facts” about global warming?


    1. The article was from Feb 2017 and the CERN study was in the Dec 2016 CERN publication about the results of their experiments. The link to the reference source is at the end of the post.


    2. I don’t see evidence that CO2 is an important factor in temperature changes. It lags temperature changes. It doesn’t precede them. I don’t consider these alternative facts. I tend to question orthodoxy, and I get uncomfortable every time I’m told the “science is settled”.


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