The 1-Question Equality Survey

We Americans proudly declare to the world that we’re the birthplace of individual equality and freedom. It must be hard to find a citizen who isn’t for these ideals.

There is only one question to ask on a survey about equality. Every other question is at least secondary, because the answers will all track with question #1.

Ready? Here’s your only question:


1. Which kind of equality do you think is better for helping you pursue happiness?

Select one:    ____Opportunity    ____Outcome

The purpose of this ultimately brief survey is this:

Determine how many people define America in terms equality of opportunity and how many are focused on equality of outcome.

If we are a true Democracy, in which the majority rules, this survey could resolve fundamental differences in the “real” America. Think of that shining city on the hill, if you will. What is it that makes it shine?

We can just change paths as a nation, based on this vote. Yeah! Some would actually like that.  Let’s just take a vote! Fortunately, we are not a true democracy.

The problem is so fundamental to our ideals, and so transformational to the form and function of our government that taking a vote would be a catastrophe. (See Europe)

This is no trivial question. We’re not talking about a safety net, either. Nobody wants those in need to suffer. A good nation will do that for its people.

It’s clear that millions view the perfect America as one where everyone is happy, well fed and protected. Something that goes like this: They have enough money to be happy, get free healthcare, have a good roof over their heads and over their LED flatscreen, etc., plus a few throw-ins like free internet and phone, I imagine. Some expect even more from their utopian America.

Without even considering the “opportunity” perspective, I ask you to do this:

Please imagine the type of country you would have and the daily existence you would live as you reside in THAT “city on the hill”.

The bottom line is unavoidable. We as a nation are at a turning point. And even the perfect poll can never provide a prescription for the American condition. It can only identify the symptoms. Without the proper meds, the prognosis is not good.

Our challenge goes FAR beyond just having the consultation. We must agree on what a healthy patient looks like before we begin treatment. And that won’t be easy since so many doctors recommend bloodletting as the first option.




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