Illinois is Broke, But We Can Easily Save Them. Here’s How.

Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy. They’ve spent $15 billion dollars more than they have. Here’s a simple solution to their problem.

All we need is 15,000 dedicated big-spending, big government believers to send them a million dollar donation. If they can’t find that many people willing or able to put that kind of money where their mouth is, maybe they can find 15 million people willing to donate $1,000 to continue all of the state’s good efforts.

The donors don’t even have to reside in Illinois. There are about 156 million working adults in the US. They would only need 10% of them to chip in a grand apiece. Surely, one out of ten wage-earners would be happy to help protect all those good government “investments”.

Every proposed reduction in government spending is met with indignant howls from across the country. These good people MUST believe that these threatened programs are worth it and wise.

I just can’t understand why this isn’t happening already.

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