CNN Makes Fake News News

CNN has had a bad week. Some would say its misfortunes have gone on for longer. Much longer. That may be so, but the last 7 days or so have been traumatic for CNN and enlightening to consumers of political news.

The Trump administration has made a point of regularly excoriating the media, specifically CNN, NBC, the “failing” New York Times and The Washington Post.

The list of unreserved and unrepentant activist media news outlets is actually much longer. In the Trump style of doubling down in the face of opposition, he has continued to single out CNN as “very fake news”.

This, of course, has enflamed the rhetoric from CNN, such that it has arguably become the acknowledged leader in anti-Trump “news”.

But now, CNN is getting hit from more than one angle, including from within its own circle. Some are now suggesting a very real crisis at the cable network.

CNN published a story last week declaring that Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci was being investigated by the FBI for connections to a Russian state-owned bank. It quoted the now ubiquitous “anonymous source” to make this charge.

After the report was debunked, meaning exposed as bunk, the story was retracted and an apology was issued to Mr. Scaramucci. He graciously accepted the apology for reasons not yet explained or understood.

CNN’s head honcho, Jeff Zucker, became directly involved in the internal investigation of the matter, an unmistakeable indication that the network considers the issue a bonafide crisis of credibility. Three people just resigned, or were forced to resign, for their shenanigans.


Before this, CNN was forced to disclaim outrageous comments by one of its show hosts, Reza Aslan, for his tweets about Trump being…let’s say… a pile of bull, a piece of something. You know what I mean. CNN said he was not actually an employee, but fired him anyway.

Now, Twitter has conducted an audit of entities that have a big Twitter following. It determined that, counting CNN’s people on Twitter, and CNN’s official account, of the 38 million followers they have, 17 million, nearly half, are fake. They are produced by “bots”, those automated programs used to create a following where none really exists.

By comparison, Breitbart News, a favorite target of the left, was determined by Twitter to have a real-followers rating of 96%. They may be reviled, but at least Breitbart’s followers are real. Another black eye for CNN.


To make things even worse for the network, a Project Veritas undercover video was just released that shows a CNN editor describing the network’s Russia narrative as BS and only done for ratings. CNN has accepted the videos as authentic, but they claim to support him. Ooh. The kiss of death.

Over the last few months, there have been more embarrassing revelations about the veracity of CNN’s reports and the integrity of their sources. They’re too numerous to be detailed here. It’s no secret to those in the know that CNN is in crisis.

The worm has turned, as they say. The tarnish on CNN’s silver spoon has become easy for all to see. It’s just a matter of opening one’s eyes and looking with an equally open mind.

The Russia narrative has been exposed for its sheer vacuousness. Even top Democrats are now pleading with their mouthpieces and their congressional leaders to lay off the whole Russia thing.

It won’t be long before some serious crow must be eaten by the purveyors of the collusion/obstruction scheme. And CNN will pay the biggest price, whether that is fair or not.

But don’t shed any tears. Fairness has never been held in high esteem by the perpetrators of what has now become the destruction of their own credibility. It’s only fair that they be finally held accountable for their concocted narratives promoting a purely ideological agenda. Payback can be merciless.