2nd Battle of Gettysburg Planned for This Weekend

Multiple news organizations and Pennsylvania based websites are putting out word that Antifa (the so-called Antifascist group) is planning to visit the Gettysburg battlefield to protest honor and history or something.

They plan to burn confederate flags and have called for the desecration of the graves of confederate soldiers during the July 1st to July 3rd remembrance.

Other groups who commemorate its heroes and the cause they died for (abolishing slavery, for any clueless Antifa types reading this) will be there as usual. Also on hand will be ordinary Americans, there to pay homage to those who fought America’s bloodiest battle of the Civil War 154 years ago.

High Water Mark Gettysburg NMP

The parks service and local law enforcement officials have vowed to protect the hundreds of historic markers and grave sites. But this could get ugly fast.

Antifa itself is an oxymoron of an idea. Its fascist tactics include violent suppression of ideas and speech. They’ve already caused much mayhem and destruction around the country.

imageThe black clad anarchists and their idealistic idiot cohorts in crime blindly bash the very ideals and institutions that have made America a beacon of freedom and equality.

They are, in reality, exactly what they claim to despise. You’d think that real liberal progressives would be calling them out for their actions, but we’ve heard nary a peep.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a very liberal advocacy group that loves to define as a hate group any organization or movement with which they disagree. They have never even mentioned Antifa. Gosh. The SPLC must be just another political advocacy organization posing in a disguise of righteousness.

With Antifa, there’s no attempt to cloak their actions with goodness and honor. They have no righteous indignation. Just indignation.

So now, we have one of the country’s most cherished symbols of American sacrifice for human rights, Gettysburg, scheduled for trashing by a disguised bunch of hoodlums dressed in black and carrying weapons.

Where are the leftist political leaders urging calm and civility, disowning the tactics of these anarchist anti-Americans? Don’t hold your breath. They’ve not said much about any of the riots and intimidation so far.

Doesn’t it remind you of the moderate Muslim community muting their objections to radical jihadism? They are afraid of the haters, too. But there’s more to this story.image

Deep down, one can’t help but suspect that both groups of leaders, Muslims and Progressives, aren’t really that contemptuous of the tactics used, as long as they help bring about their own perverted vision of a better world.

2 thoughts on “2nd Battle of Gettysburg Planned for This Weekend

  1. There is a report out today that claims AntiFa is not planning to attend and never were. That this was a trick by someone else the entire time.

    At the same moment that the Feds are reporting that they are taking the threat seriously.

    Hundreds, if not thousands of armed or potentially armed people are showing up to fight the terrorists… Who may well not show up at all. They claim that they aren’t and wouldn’t protest at Gettysburg in their release, but have done so before, last year. (With no desecration, though they possibly burnt confederate flags.)

    This whole thing is baffling, I have to admit. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and no one sparks anything off on purpose. Someone has been gathering people from the right and center of the political spectrum to this location for some reason. Why? What could the possible goal be? Is it a trick, or trap?


    1. Phillip, thanks for your thoughtful and cogent comment. We will see very soon, won’t we. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a “nothing burger”, as Hillary famously said.


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