“There Ought to Be a Law”: The Government Knows…or the Government’s Nose?

Sweden has a law making it illegal to keep a dog tied up outdoors for more than one hour. I’ll bet they have thousands more where that came from.

A Facebook meme is making the rounds appealing to everyone’s love of dogs. It asks you to reply “yes” if you think your own country should have such a law.


Of course, many have cried “yes”. There’s no questioning their sincerity. Dogs are easy to love, and most people share that affection.


But this perfectly demonstrates the short-sighted thinking of millions who value caring above all else, even over their personal freedom.

The tendency to expect government to fix all that ails humankind has taken hold in western democracies. The thought process for so many seems to end with feeling outraged and sad.

The next question never even occurs to them. They never ask themselves what comes next.

There are countless laws prohibiting those activities to which many, even a majority, object. This is an affliction that has befallen governments throughout Europe. They have countless laws banning speech and activities they find objectionable.

Now, this approach is infecting even the United States. At least for now, Americans enjoy protections from government intrusion that simply don’t exist elsewhere around the world. And we don’t make laws based upon mob rule.

We have elected representatives who take an oath to protect and defend the constitution, not to succumb to the majority wishes of the day. That’s a good thing.

The important issue lost on the vast majority of citizens both here and around the world is whether their government should be involved in such matters, and where does it end?

The utter failure of our education system to teach principles of liberty, and of freedom from mob rule at the hands of those in power, has created a citizenry of wish-makers and feel-good oppressors.

At this time of year, Americans celebrate their unique system of limited government and the freedoms they enjoy because of those limits.

They launch fireworks intended to commemorate a Declaration of Independence from the yoke of overreaching government oppression. But, now, the Fourth of July holiday is just a party waiting to be had.


The true sadness and outrage of these caring, loving do-gooders should be directed at those who have lost sight of what should truly be loved above all else (including even dogs).

What should we really believe and hold dear? That government knows, or that we should be wary of the government’s nose?


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