Trumpzilla vs. the Swamp Creatures

We’ve known for years about the swamp in Washington. For decades, money and power have flooded the nation’s Capitol. The system rewards those who can manipulate and cajole as they slither through the muck and the filth.

For years, these creatures were called lobbyists. But the population of the swamp has become much more diversified and deadly in recent times. The tentacles of treachery have reached out to include tributaries of power and influence that previously only dared to dip a couple toes in the polluted water.


Those who began by just testing the temperature have now jumped in headfirst. It is no longer considered taboo to swim there. The swamp has become such a part of the electoral ecosystem in DC that even the 4th Estate, as the journalism community has come to be known, has plopped in like a big guy doing the cannonball.

The Trump campaign stressed draining the swamp. That campaign cry continued into the Trump presidency. The sound of these sirens has brought the swamp monsters to the surface. They’re coming out to defend themselves.

The gloves are off, and so are their disguises. The battle for survival has begun.

They’re coming closer to shore because it’s getting so crowded in there. Here’s a list of the kinds of creatures now sharing the murky waters with the lobbyists:

1. Senators and Congressional Representatives. Most have learned the secret to surviving in this environment. It simply requires going along with the “way things work in Washington”. When they first arrive, they’re taught by the entrenched politicians to join the machine and raise more money to win their next election.

If they don’t, they discover they won’t be around for long. Not only will their campaign organization be broke, but their altruistic ideas of helping their constituents will be broken and drowned as they are ripped apart and eaten by the sharks.

2. Entrenched government bureaucrats. These long term, unelected insiders command far more power than anyone dares to admit. Their insulated suits conceal their pervasive power and protect them from responsibility and repercussions.

Even their identities are concealed from most of us. They are the leakers and leeches that infest the depths.

3. The Political Media Monsters. These are the alligators lying by the shore, threatening any being that approaches. They’re not hidden and they don’t care. They know they’re muscular beasts, and they use their powerful jaws to lend credence and reinforcement to the other inhabitants.


Their goal is to protect the values they almost universally accept and promote. They are the great deceivers and manipulators.

4. The Money Moochers. These monsters have a stake in maintaining the swamp. They have some serious coin invested in the public pool and need to keep it open year round. They are the greed mongers who pay the water bill, knowing full well that it will provide a great return on their investment.

Now comes the sanitation crew, hoping to clean things up. It’s a gargantuan task fighting all of the swamp creatures. They will be resisted and fought at every bend by thousands of vicious animals protecting their habitat.

Is it any wonder that the defenders of the swamp hate the water filtration plant being built by the shore? Of course not. Wild animals can’t be tamed. They don’t want clean, fresh, clear water.

If you think the all out war on the new regime is bad now, just wait until they all begin crawling out in unison, on a mission to overwhelm and destroy the threat to their survival.


What’s even more troubling are the countless slugs and suckers recruited by the Pro-Swamp political movements. They’ve been taught to screech about the evil people out to kill those innocent, defenseless animals.

They want to “resist” any change to the ecosystem, and all for reasons they don’t understand. They are being used to defend the indefensible. They’re blindly fine with that, and their tactics seem to know no bounds.

They just love animals, so everything is justified in their own minds. Yet, their minds are too small to perceive the danger, let alone envision a world without such a deadly swamp.


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