The Tale of the Transgender Trout

With all the talk of CO2 and climate change (did you know the average global temperature is expected to increase by .1 degrees by the end of the century?), the rest of our ecosystem seems to have gotten the short end of the fishing pole.

While the world’s governments want to come together to tax and control the emitters of carbon dioxide, the things we do that really matter in the short term are getting pushed to the back of the pond.

Apparently, the flushed away chemicals from our birth control meds and our anti-depressants are turning fish into transgender zombies. This can’t be good for their survival.


Professor Charles Tyler from the University of Exeter has just released a comprehensive study revealing that 20% of the fresh water fish in the fifty U.S. states are becoming transgender and passive due to these and other chemicals flowing into their ecosystem.

With all these feminine flounders swishing around, their prospects for progeny are getting slimmer by the day. Their very survival is at risk.

From Dr. Tyler: “Other research has shown that many other chemicals that are discharged through sewage treatment works can affect fish, including antidepressant drugs that reduce the natural shyness of some fish species, including the way they react to predators,” he continued.

The image of fishes full of eggs waving off the world and checking out for some happy vibes is chilling indeed. Unless we can come up with some kind of “Hornfish” medication quickly, our finned friends will be doomed.


The point is, the ferocious focus on our atmospheric gases and particulates has distracted us from other environmental concerns that may well be more pressing and immediate.

As usual, the public’s hysterical and myopic focus on the most prominently promoted issues has caused people to lose perspective. Perhaps some environmental activists should calm their global warming fears by taking all their meds, and not flushing the rest down the drain.

Read the fish tale here:

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