More Fireworks: Reports of an American Renewal?


The evening of July 4th, I sat around a campfire with relatives and friends. That was not so unusual. What stood out, though, was the constant pop pop pop, boom boom boom of the fireworks coming from every direction.

The reports began well before sunset and continued far beyond the time when they previously had stopped.

I couldn’t help but wonder why they were so much more widespread and heavy than previous years.

Did you notice the same thing?

I wondered why. I asked the rest of the people around the fire. They said “patriotism” was the reason. Again, I wondered why. Why more this year?

Perhaps the motivating factor was the need to express their support for and renewed pride in America. Maybe people were proud of the nation standing up for what makes our country great.

Maybe they became weary of our leaders making excuses for America. Maybe they wanted to shout their love of country. They wanted to be heard, even if it was just by igniting some traditional explosive devices.

With all of the negative, anti-American sentiment going around, the silent majority wanted to use their opportunity to break their silence.

I wonder if you experienced the same thing, and if you agree with my reasoning for the outburst.
Let me know about your experience.

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