How To Lie With Statistics: Science Itself Exposes The Global Warming Data Hoax


The Earth is warming. Only a fool would disagree with that conclusion, we’re told. This warming trend is said to be disastrous for the planet unless we jump on this problem immediately.


According to “scientific consensus”, humans are causing this dangerous warming by increasing the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, a result of careless and reckless industrialization and a penchant for the benefits of technology. Greed is probably in there somewhere, too.

Never mind that these advances have saved literally millions from disease and starvation. Never mind that these advances have allowed the population of our planet to increase seven-fold, yet still be able to increase food production, and improve sanitation to meet those needs.

We’re told if we want to continue to enjoy our advanced technological ways, we’re going to have to pay a lot more for them, and we’ll have to change our lifestyle, too.

The global warming orthodoxy has become so widely accepted that leaders of nations across the globe have come together for a political solution (no problem with those before) and promised to radically change the way they do things. Especially, their goal is to change the way the most developed nations do things, since apparently they caused all of this anyway.

For example, even though the United States is one of the world’s leaders in cleaning up its act, and has some of the cleanest air and water in the developed world, the U.S and others are expected to pay dearly for past indiscretions (like developing as a country) and to help other less developed countries catch up.

That makes no sense. If many nations have a legal right to do exactly those things that put the world in this quandary in the first place, how is this an effective plan to tackle our looming catastrophe?

Perhaps cooling the planet is not their top priority.


The nations of the planet are being drawn into making serious global, political and structural changes, with more on the way. Countries have committed to giving away (or raking in) lots of money.

And even the political leaders agree this is just the beginning of the journey (presumably to save the world from a burning death).

Maybe all of these drastic and irreversible changes are fine if a global warming threat to our existence is real and imminent, and as long as there’s no other possible solution. (We’re told that, too.)

But, despite assurances from those who claim they are in the know about such matters, it seems that two problems arise with their whole doomsday scenario.

1. Higher CO2 levels don’t seem to cause temperature increases, they result from temperature increases. It’s the other way around, if you look at historical warming periods. More on the CO2 controversy is available in my recent post “Is the CO2 Bubble About to Burst”.

2. The temperature graphs and studies claiming the Earth is heating up in the first place appear to have been rigged. They cooked the books on warming.

Here’s the story:

All of this climate concern is based upon recent analysis of average global temperatures over the last 150 years or so. We are told to accept this analysis as scientific fact.

The accepted and revered studies are by NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration), NASA -GISS and CRU Hadley in Great Britain. They have formed the premise for the entire global warming agenda.

These studies were used as the impetus for the Paris Agreement, as the justification for the EPA’s recent CO2 Endangerment pronouncement, as well as for everything else claiming the planet’s environment is going to Hell.

Now comes a new, peer reviewed scientific study of the actual numbers reported and the techniques used to “adjust” or “correct” them. It has demonstrated that the three studies used for the global warming consensus were “corrected” to make them more persuasive, not more accurate.

Changes made to monthly temperature data from 1880 onward, done in the last nine years.

The full study report, with many incriminating graphs, data and arguments, demonstrates a pattern of making the older numbers cooler and the more recent ones warmer. The warmest decade of the twentieth century, the 1940’s, was pretty much made to go away.

Less reliable readings were used when beneficial. More accurate and reliable readings were removed or ignored when they ran contrary to the warming narrative.

All sorts of unscientific and dubious alterations were made to more than 140 years of temperature data.

The claims of recent years being the “hottest on record” were also exposed as just a bunch of hot air.

You may want to keep this information to yourself, though. It’s risky to call foul on this scientific “consensus”. Everyone has been put on notice: if you don’t accept their critical findings supporting global warming, you’re a nut case. You’re a “climate denier”, deserving of scorn and derision.

A link to the peer-reviewed scientific study report is below. Read it and disseminate it at your own risk.

Read the Report Here

Additional source since this post was published

Another source since this post was published

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