The Big Question: Why Would Putin Want Trump to be President Anyway?

Let’s consider only what we actually know, not what has been alleged about either Trump or Hillary.

There have been many accusations of wrongdoing hurled by both sides. Most of them have proved specious. Some are a definite maybe. But let’s stick with what we know to be true, and what was known to be true a year ago.

Here’s a list of what we can probably all agree on. These accepted realities were known to the American public, to the U.S. government and to Vladimir Putin during the presidential campaign.

1. Trump was campaigning as a tough, pro-American nationalist.

2. Trump was known as an aggressive, master deal maker.


3. Candidate Trump was campaigning against a lot of entrenched power, both in government and the media. He clearly was not a wallflower.

4. Russia had met with little resistance by the previous liberal President, and Hillary’s Democratic political base was moving decidedly leftward.

5. Secretary of State Clinton was the one who thought that pushing a fake reset button was a real strategy to deal with Russia. Would Putin really have been fearful of a President Hillary Clinton?


6. Hillary already was known to have Russia connections. Putin surely had reams of information on that.

7. Putin probably had some serious dirt on Hillary, given the amount of money already flowing around her and the Clinton Foundation.

8. She even had connections to a Russian state-owned business through a Canadian company called Uranium One. Remember the Uranium One deal, when Russia acquired the rights to 20% of the U.S. Uranium supply? Here’s a synopsis of the deal.


9. Russia probably has even more dirt on Hillary after she so carelessly handled classified information as Secretary of State. Who knows what else they possess, given her unsecured server and reckless habits?

10. Putin’s objective had to be simple: end up with the U.S. President who was going to be easier to take advantage of and win, in whatever form that might take.

The bottom line is, Putin , above all else, wanted maximum control of Russia’s future. That’s his mission. Why on Earth would he try to defeat Clinton and help elect Trump?

It just defies common sense. Yet, that is the narrative the Democrats and the media want us to believe. Sorry, but I’m not buying it.


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