May Was National Masturbation Month. I Lend Them a Hand.

My daughter has a growing YouTube channel. I watched her most recent video which critiqued another YouTube video with close to one million views in two days. (Link to her video critique below)

The video shows parents educating their elementary school children on masturbation and the best tools to use for such efforts. The young children were squeamish and saying “No!”, “Eww!”. Unlike the producers of this video, my daughter had the presence of mind and the civility to block out the faces of the kids.

It’s really creepy, to say the least. It reminded me of a blog post I wrote five years ago, which I share with you now.

June 14, 2012

I just learned that Planned Parenthood promoted and celebrated May as “National Masturbation Month”. So, with mouse in hand and a steady keystroke, I offer them a few hard tips.

It’s Planned Parenthood’s newest idea: National Masturbation Month. That’s right. And they’re even having some sort of Wack-a-thon or something. Wow. How can you beat a promotion like that?

TENGAI have an idea. Maybe guys around the country can mail Planned Parenthood a sperm sample. One condom, one Ziploc baggie, one envelope and a stamp. That and a little time is all it would cost. You might not even have to lick the envelope. Just an idea.

Planned Parenthood celebrating Masturbation Month is kind of like Weight Watchers celebrating National Bulimia Month. Hey! Weight Watchers could even have a Hurl-a-thon. I can hear the radio ad now: “Enjoy the taste without the waist.” “Hurl today, gaunt tomorrow!”

The two organizations could even get together and do a cross promotion. After all, as both organizations might say, “It’s OK to put it in, as long as you get it out in time.”

Really, you can’t make some of this stupid stuff up. Maybe next month can be the National Man-Boy Love Association’s National Share-A-Rectum Month.

Here’s a good slogan for their publicity campaign: “Rectum? Hell, damn near killed him.” If it actually does happen, heed this word of caution: Stay away from their Ram-a-thon.


Original 2012 Source -Link


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