INVENTION OF THE CENTURY: The BullShiMeter – We Have the Technology Now!

We are seeing and hearing some pretty off-the-hook things these days. It’s really getting hard to separate the sensible things we encounter from the irrational bullshit.  It seems like an impossible problem.

If only there could be a way to alert us to incoming and dangerous levels of hyperbole, illogic, assertions and lies. If we could only filter out all the craziness we encounter every damned day.


Wouldn’t that be awesome? If such a technology were to be developed, it might just become the invention of the century. Consider its usefulness to humankind!

Wait a minute!

Maybe the concept isn’t so far fetched after all. We already have all the necessary technologies. The tech giants (hello, Apple and Samsung) can step right in and invent the BullShiMeter. These tech giants would be especially suited to produce and market this world altering technology.

A private communicator linked to an app on your smartphone might be all you need. The rest of the technology we have already: facial and voice recognition, speech and image recognition, access to all the data and information we’ll ever need, powerful search engines and artificial intelligence. Maybe all of it together will be called “fecal recognition”.


How would this communicator work? Perhaps by displaying a bar graph at the side of everything we see, or by subtle alert sounds inside our heads. Maybe there could be a vibrate or tingle mode during chill time.

Your BullShiMeter (or BSM) might even allow you to adjust the annoyance level whenever you want, based on how you feel at the time. But these things are just minor details.

imageHaving your own personalized BSM will simplify and enhance your life. Your days will become less stressful and less aggravating. No more need to manually separate the off-the-hook from the right-on-point.

It will be much easier to dismiss the bunk and get on with your day and your life.

Every day will be more educational, too. Since you’ll have a world of statistics available for your BSM to autonomously fact check whenever bull is hurled at you, you’ll learn a lot.

Think of your BSM as a digital weed whacker for your mind. The possibilities are endless. image

The only trick will be developing the special algorithm that will sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

The fundamental challenge for the software experts will be to identify and reach a scientific consensus on some critical truths and foundational principles. Without such a framework, such an algorithm can never work, of course.

It’ll be difficult, but, hey…anything is possible in today’s enlightened age, right? …Right?

On second thought, forget it. Stupid idea. Sorry.


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