Headline Whores and Culture Wars

It would be easy to cite examples of headlines from the left and right, showing how they slant the story they want to promote. That won’t happen here. You know exactly what that’s all about. It would be a waste of your time.

The fact is, these news organizations know that people are consuming a lot of information in a small amount of time. If consumers of news are satisfied with forming their world view from headlines, that’s fine with them.


It makes promoting their narrative pretty easy. These media whores know they won’t be held accountable for their stories, because nobody seems to care about the details anymore. It’s all about impressions, viewership and clicks.

Face it. We live in a world of drive-thru dining, entertainment by memes, knowledge from three-minute amateur videos and word of mouth from social media follows.

The majority of people acquire their views in just this way. It’s a fact of life. It’s no secret to even the clueless media.


We live in an age of deception. And the only defenses the rest of us have left are common knowledge and common sense. We just can’t afford to give them away.

Centered, caring citizens are the last line of defense against the cries of the unhinged and unaware. Don’t get discouraged. You will certainly be shamed for expressing your “radical” views, but don’t give up.

Be strong. Someone has to be the adult in the room.

That’s you.image



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