Off the Fecal Flowmeter: We Have a New Gender Identity! Best Ever!

We have a new gender identity! You can now choose to identify as a “sapiosexual”. This is good news for many, because the choices on the menu are still so limited. Facebook only has about forty different boxes to check off. Dating sites are woefully short on descriptions for their users’ sexuality, too. They haven’t added “cat dominatrix” or “pooch pounder” yet.


Now you can claim to be a sapiosexual, meaning you are sexually attracted to the intelligence of another person. Of course, the actual gender of the other person is immaterial. Because it’s no longer about what you were born as, it’s all about choices. It actually assumes the irrelevance of gender altogether.

For decades, people have said “the brain is the most powerful sex organ”. You used to be able to have interest in people who can have a real conversation. That always seemed reasonable.

But it’s not about choosing a good partner anymore. It’s about demanding acceptance for whatever you want to be, as if sexuality is only a choice requiring respect, no matter how ridiculous and unfounded that choice may be.


It’s about social engineering, not science, freedom or individuality. Accepting sapiosexuality as a lifestyle choice is so utterly stupid that it offends intelligence itself.

It leads to these kinds of absurd statements and beliefs:

1. Use protection when giving someone a piece of your mind.
2. Picking someone’s brain is rape.
3. “Don’t flaunt your intelligence, you whore.”
4. Einstein: World’s sexiest human!
5. “You’re stupid ugly”.
6. Spelling bees are just kiddie porn.
7. “She has an awesome set of frontal lobes.”
8. “He whipped out his IQ, and I let him instruct me all night.”
9. Thinking for yourself means you’re just an exhibitionist.
10. Remember: Any exchange of ideas must be consensual.

Being attracted to someone smart is not a sexual orientation. It’s just common sense. But common sense isn’t so common anymore. Now, finding intelligence attractive is just another gender identity. And you’d better accept it, or you’re a gender-phobe.

The creation of new words, and the addition of new definitions of established terms, are only tactics to reframe the world in a way that demonizes and diminishes accepted norms and eliminates rationality.

It’s pathetic, twisted and stupid. And, as we should all know by now, stupidity is not sexy. It’s just stupid.


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