The Alphabet of Absurdity: LGBTQQIAAP- 10 Letters and Counting


Gender as a straightforward concept is being dismantled by off-the-hook intellectuals and self-absorbed social justice warriors. Every day, we are expected to accept a growing and broader definition of sexuality. Every new category of behavior (and that’s what it is) is expected to receive equal standing and acceptance in society.

Where will this expansion of gender identities end? It is the new “Big Bang Theory”, but one that makes assumptions founded upon no scientific basis whatsoever. It is simply a social construct, foisted upon others by those with an aggressive acceptance agenda.

imageThe goal is simple and brazen: Dilute the values of others, and demonize them if they don’t go along. Ironically, those who demand respect from others are disrespecting others in order to get their way.

Even more ironic is that those who claim our backward society is ignorant of modern science are using an abject ignorance of science to legitimize their “anything goes” utopia.

They should know better, but the academic elites are leading the charge. There is something truly demented about the entire movement. And people are now afraid to even raise an objection. This, my friends, is fascism defined.

Whether you agree with the new definitions of sexuality and gender or not, it is wrong to throw out the baby with the bath water. This time, the leftists want to abort ideas and values that don’t meet their standards.


If we are to have true equality and a real respect for others, we must acknowledge that this trend is a dangerous and destructive threat to society.

It’s fine to accept others pursuing their own idea of individuality. Society, it seems, has already done that. But to force the personal acceptance of any behavior on those who hold a different view of normalcy is just wrong. It’s as simple as that.



If you want to look inside the insanity, just check out this glossary of terms from the geniuses at UC Davis:

UC Davis Geniuses Explain All to Morons

If you want to see the latest alphabet soup of gender identification, check this out from the ever progressive and open-minded BBC:

BBC Teaches the New Alphabet to Backwoods Boobs


2 thoughts on “The Alphabet of Absurdity: LGBTQQIAAP- 10 Letters and Counting

  1. Not being funny but how on earth is people being themselves after being condemned and persecuted for 2000 years a form of facism? Also, when you said “But to force the personal acceptance of any behavior on those who hold a different view of normalcy is just wrong. It’s as simple as that.” isn’t that what straight people have been doing? Using homophobic behaviour as a method to force gays to be straight in the method of forced conversion therapy.


    1. Forced conversion therapy is not happening anymore, fortunately. How many letters need to be included, do you think? At what point does it become ridiculous? I am suggesting that we have already reached that point.


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