Love is Like the Wind


Love is like the wind. It can be neither seen nor held, yet it is real. It makes its presence known to us in beautiful and bountiful ways.

Without the wind, the trees stand silent and still, alive yet unable to speak. A gentle breeze brings them to dance, waving to us, rustling up the courage to withstand any storm. When a warm, gentle breeze kisses our cheeks, it renews our strength and restores our faith. Love is like the wind.


When skies go gray and the winds turn cool, the leaves can no longer sustain a vibrant life. Yet, as they reach their season’s end, the wind continues to give them life. It helps them prance across the field, delighting those who appreciate them for what they were and for what they are. Love is like the wind.

The wind blows free. The only strings attached restrain the kites that dash and dart in the play of innocent children. Children don’t know how the wind works, but they know it is there. If they are blessed, they go to sleep each night knowing that it can be trusted to be there tomorrow and forever. Love is like the wind.

Seasoned sailors know that, without the wind, they are cast adrift. The eerie calmness leaves them meandering, their future uncertain without the anchor of a steady breeze, their destination seeming ever more distant by the hour. Love is like the wind.


When the wind swirls and gusts, out of control, it can destroy lives in countless ways. The wind must be respected. Outside of normal bounds, the wind is unpredictable, something to be feared. Love is like the wind.

We may build walls to keep out the wind, but, no matter how hard we try to push it away, it is haunting. It howls around the gable and whistles through the alleys, refusing to be ignored. Love is like the wind.

We may scheme to control the wind, hoping in vain that it will never go still. But the wind refuses to be commanded. Try to box it in and the wind falls lifeless, never to be revived. The wind comes to us. We cannot bottle up the breeze. Love is like the wind.


The wind brings the clouds that quench the crops. It turns the windmills that grind the grain. The wind does its part to feed the world. It produces electricity and lights up our lives. It does all this without condition, asking nothing in return.

It is a gift from God. Love is like the wind.


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