Charlottesville: A Protest Becomes Prophetic

Charlottesville, Virginia has become a reluctant symbol of hatred. It was not by any fault of their own. Their city just happened to be selected by white supremacists for a “demonstration”. They also were targeted for a counter “protest” by Antifa and others.

It was a classic case of haters hating haters. The violence was unavoidable. Both sides are disgraceful. They don’t want a discussion about the future of the country. They want to fight.

They want confrontation and crushed opponents, so much so, that some insane person actually ran over and murdered human beings to make his point.

Americans with any common sense consider white supremacy a thing of the past. This was a protest by a small group of angry, misguided outcasts. It was also an opportunity for the now ubiquitous leftist protesters to crack some heads and make their point.


Sadly, there are already those who are trying to make political points by associating the Trump administration and its supporters with white supremacists. People who believe this are either ignorant of reality, blinded by their ideology, or just motivated by a desire to promote division and conflict.

This preference for destruction over discussion is beyond troubling. The leftist movements exemplified by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and others with anarchy and overthrow on their minds, have helped to put us in this predicament.

White supremacists are just a stupid sideshow. They don’t represent the people who want to “make America great again”. They have become an unwitting target for another kind of hatred espoused by those who are simply angered by ideas they don’t like.


All of this violence and anger is not surprising. Those who disagree with and refuse to accept the results of an election have either promoted or refused to condemn the “resist” movement. This has spawned angry protests around the country.

Many politicians and political pundits have accepted these protests as a way to promote the change they have failed to legitimately deliver to their constituents. It is a lazy, cynical and subversive approach to democracy. If they want to be considered lovers of our democratic system, this is not the way to demonstrate it.

Anarchy and violence are not policies. They are tactics. The American system protects those who disagree, but it does not condone destructive and violent behavior.

White supremacists are despicable. So are all the others who resort to violence and destruction to obtain their own objectives, no matter how righteous they consider their motives. Both sides are deluded by rhetoric, ignorance and emotion.

Don’t be one of the fools. You are better than that. America is better than that. Let’s not go down the path to self destruction. Despite what many claim, America is an experiment that is working. It is the one real idea worth fighting for.

It would be a shame to throw it all away with placards, prejudice and pretentious anger. This is how freedom succumbs to unruly mobs. It is a trend that does not bode well for our future. Don’t join these movements. Please.

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