Charlottesville Opened the Door. Can We Close It?

The battle in Charlottesville was a disgrace. The neo-Nazis and the white supremacists were itching for a fight. They usually are. They are a radical, fringe group of clueless malcontents. Everyone but them agrees on this.

The so-called anti-fascist movement, Antifa, and the Black Lives Matter activists, were there for a fight, too. They arrived ready for battle. They knew their self proclaimed righteousness would be used by the press to justify their violent tactics.


But, on countless occasions, they have attacked others, destroyed property and demanded accommodations. They are haters, too. And, many sources have documented the financial support they have received from leftist organizations and political front groups.

President Obama even invited BLM to the White House, further legitimizing their tactics. The media lauded him for this.

At a memorial for the five Dallas police officers murdered by a BLM nut job, he sympathized with the plight of people of color at the hands of police repression. True or not, this was not the right message at that time and place. It was just an opportunity to score political points.

Media response? Crickets.

The opportunistic support espoused by countless politicians for the so-called “resist movement” has only made things worse. Today, Hillary Clinton gave $800,000 from her campaign war chest to these resist groups. This wasn’t a political move, was it? Nah!


Now, President Trump has condemned the violence in Virginia by calling out “all sides”. He has been excoriated by the press and others. He has been associated with white supremacists and Nazis, because he dared to condemn activists on both left and right.

Apparently, unless he accepts the legitimacy of the leftist organizations fighting for his destruction, he is a white supremacist.

The reaction by many who despise him and condemn his supporters has been total agreement with this sentiment. They even throw his supporters into the fire.

At some point, Americans simply lost any semblance of common sense and logic. The goals of the detractors have become more important than reasonableness. It’s now an all out war of ideology. And so many seemingly tolerant people are buying into it.

Where does it go from here? Are we going to see attacks on other symbols of our tortured history? Nobody with any common sense and historical knowledge denies America’s checkered past. But are we wise to destroy it and deny it?

We will see attempts to demolish other symbols. Eventually, it will extend beyond Confederate statues to monuments of our founders.


How far are we willing to go in accepting this? Is our desire to express outrage at injustice strong enough to justify the destruction of our history and our undeniable progress?

Is the solution to eliminate it, or is it to acknowledge it for what it is and celebrate how far we have come? Are Americans willing to lend their voices to improving our nation? For many protesters and alt-left protagonists, this is not an option.

America must be remade in their image. This, it’s so sad to say, is the goal of the radical socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-American factions that make up the “resistance”.

It’s not about Trump. He’s a convenient target. It’s about remaking America in a new image. Whoever is destroyed in their path is simply expendable. In their narrow minds, their enemies deserve it because they are evil. And they’re evil because they disagree.

The haters must be recognized for what they are. It’s not about left versus right. It’s about right versus wrong. And everyday Americans are in the way.

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