Weaponizing Ethics: The Brilliant Game Plan of the New Left


Today’s leftists proudly proclaim themselves defenders of what is right. This is ironic, since they’ve been denying the very concept of righteousness for a long time.

They used to be the “anything goes” crowd, demanding acceptance of alternate views, promoting the relativity of ethics and condemning any judgement by others. They said they didn’t want to be discriminated against for views that differed from the accepted norms of an intolerant society.

Well, they got what they wanted. People nearly trip over themselves to demonstrate their loving inclusiveness and unquestioning acceptance of alternate lifestyles and contrary beliefs.

Amazingly, this mass acceptance continues to expand, amidst an ever-growing list of demanded categories requiring tolerance. How much more winning can these leftists handle?

Their strategy to get the world to accept their culture has been a smashing success.

Having been given tacit approval for virtually everything they’ve fought for, they’re now moving beyond this smashing success to, well, just smashing. Emboldened, they are marching forward on an ambitious agenda.

They never wanted simple acceptance. They always wanted more. They envisioned changes in government and institutions. They no longer even attempt to conceal these goals.


They are moving forward to destroy symbols of all kinds, to shame and cast out those with whom they disagree, and to smash the reputations and legitimacy of those who won’t conform to their world view.

Leftists now proclaim what is acceptable behavior, thought and speech. Toward this end, they have brilliantly usurped the very concepts of right and wrong and are using them to stigmatize and intimidate others into silence and acquiescence.

Their definition of “right” is what they consider acceptable. Their definition of “wrong” is what they consider unacceptable.

It’s kind of like winning the tyranny trifecta. It really is a brilliant approach to revolution. Here’s their game plan:

First you coerce the culture into tolerating your views and accepting your brand of relative ethics. Mission accomplished.

Second, you use your opponents’ concepts of right and wrong to condemn and suppress any ideas, individuals and institutions that you don’t approve of. You just call opponents haters. Who wants to support haters? Good people don’t want to be seen endorsing hatred.

The constantly growing list of ‘isms and ‘phobias is evidence for how far this tactic has progressed.

Third, you then claim the moral high ground to justify everything you accomplish, thereby getting virtue-signaling bystanders, self-glorifying gurus, weak-kneed conservatives and useful idiots everywhere to promote your agenda for you.


The movement to remake the world in this new image has been fantastically successful. Most who previously had reservations about the journey have jumped aboard the “tolerance train”. Most of the rest who still question that train’s destination have learned to be fearful of condemnation and censorship for even raising a concern.

Given the left’s decades long march to control news media, academia, public education and entertainment, one has to applaud their shear tenacity, if not their ingenuity.

Now businesses, including retail, tech and Internet giants, have discovered that virtue signaling can be profitable in this new environment of “tolerance”.

It seems every step taken in this march to conformity enlists new recruits and takes new prisoners.

Either it is a remarkable feat of social and political re-engineering, or it’s just another sad commentary on the ignorance and gullibility of the masses. Most likely, it’s a sorry combination of both. Regardless, it’s not a good omen for personal freedom and individual rights.



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