The Infected Blanket of Dissent

It may be convenient, but it solves nothing to just sweep dirt under the rug. It’s even worse to thrash it around into a dust cloud that contaminates the whole room.

imageUsing the latter approach, an army of activists, politicians and media outlets are giving us an Emmy winning depiction of Pig-Pen from the Charlie Brown series.

Pig-Pen was known for a constant cloud of dust and dirt that surrounded him, following him wherever he went.

As David Childress from the TV series “Ancient Aliens” repeatedly says, “you have to wonder”. But you don’t need to be a pseudo-scientist or UFO theorist to witness firsthand the invasion of angry micro-aggressions infecting our planet.

imageBut you do have to wonder this: Why are so many bad actors spreading this virus of anger and rebellion? What is the real purpose of this invasion?

Are they simply unaware of the infectious germs they’re spreading, kind of like the Europeans bringing smallpox with them to the New World? If so, this epidemic of idiocy is staggering and unprecedented.

Perhaps they began by unknowingly spreading the germs, then discovered it’s effectiveness in eliminating their competition. Are they now beginning to hand out infected blankets as a symbol of their caring friendship, hoping to vanquish a civilization that’s in their way?

Maybe it was the plan from the beginning.

Whether stupid or sinister, the result is the same. More people are more angry about more things than we’ve seen in a long time. And the plague is spreading on a planetary scale.

So you have to wonder, you have to ask yourself…

What is their end goal? What do they really want? Are we being invaded by an evil force professing greetings and goodwill to Earth, but actually bent on the destruction of civilization as we know it?

I’ll go out on a limb. Yep. Stop accepting the free blankets. They’re filthy and dangerous.





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