Climate Alarmists Pass Gas While the World Burns

Pardon the pun, but why is manmade global warming such a hot topic these days? With so many serious and immediate crises facing the world, why is a forecast of less than a 1 degree temperature rise over the next 80 years even at the top of anyone’s mind?

The world faces many threats, and they are much more immediate and cataclysmic than current carbon dioxide gas emissions. Even if you accept the climate alarmists’ “scientific consensus” screed, it would be irresponsible to put it at or near the top of any list of critical problems to solve.

Fortunately, the people surveyed in a June 2017 Gallup poll understand this. In fact, the survey results list 13 issues that most worry people. To make the list, at least 3% of the respondents had to choose that problem. Climate change didn’t make the list.


The world is burning and common sense citizens see it happening before their eyes. They don’t need a bunch of government funded scientific studies to convince them of the danger.

imageAfter all, what good is fretting about the year 2100 when we risk not even making it that far as a species? For those climate clingers yearning to save mankind and the planet from destruction, here’s a suggested “Things To Do” list:

1. Stop the spread of ideological extremism that promotes the destruction and conquering of everyone with differing beliefs. If we’re dead or subservient, what else matters?

2. Resist the pervasive advance toward global governance and centralized control. If individual freedoms are lost, what kind of world is there to save?

3. Counter the leftist, fascist, anarchist movements. Rescue the Western system of free enterprise that created the unprecedented standard of living and life expectancy the world now enjoys.

4. Prevent rogue nations with radical ideologies and lunatic leaders from using weapons of mass destruction to kill millions of us on a whim. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

5. Repair the breakdown in the fundamental values that have sustained the human experience for millennia, and promote teaching the history of human achievement, not just a recount of our stumbles.

6. Fight the controlled dissemination of information by powerful and monolithic institutions such as tech giants, media, academia, powerful elites and coordinated governments. If 2100 turns out to be 1984, will sea levels be our biggest problem?

7. Protect all nations from non-citizens who want to enter at will, but refuse to obey the laws and respect the culture.

8. Convince others to be wary of government, not dependent upon it.

9. If you want to really think long term, try freeing future generations from the shackles of reckless government spending and massive debt.

10. If you absolutely have to feed your climate addiction, don’t grill burgers during an ozone alert. And please recycle.




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