ESPN Execs Are Redefining Incompetence

Watching sports on TV used to be a refuge for people looking for a simple diversion. At ESPN, that diversion has become a platform to promote political opinions.

Now, ESPN is going down in flames and the bosses don’t understand why. That’s just stupid. They have unwittingly provided the perfect case study for political ideology destroying a successful business model.

It’s sad, because millions of sports fans are being denied one of their joyous diversions, the very purpose of any sports TV network.

The concept of a virtue-signaling sports network trying to be culturally influential instead of providing sports entertainment is just plain stupid.

These ESPN Einsteins don’t have long to live in their delusion. If they don’t sober up soon, they will find their network replaced by a new one, led by people who simply learned from some historically bad decisions by “The Worldwide Leader in Sports”.

The ESPN execs should be embarrassed, but they won’t be. They’ll blame everything and everybody but themselves. Self absorption seems to be a trend these days.

By the way, Hillary’s new book is out now. Here’s the revised cover:


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