The Haters Made Trump Possible and They Still Don’t Get It

The anti-Trump, anti-MAGA folks are vocal and angry. But they will never understand the counterproductive effects of their efforts. It seems that angry Trump haters are everywhere, preaching their sermons of self-righteousness, but they unwittingly helped drive voters to support the very person they claim to detest.

These helpful haters span the spectrum of society. Here’s a Top Ten List:

  • Entertainers have gone off the cliff. Bono just said he delayed his new album because Trump “disrupted the moral arc of the universe”. Ellen DeGeneres won’t have Trump on her show because he is “dangerous”. The nincompoop nominations grow daily.
  • The Emmy Awards show was a hate-fest. While their TV audience fell to an all time low, they didn’t care…because they care. Really. They care more than anyone.
  • ESPN pundits and professional sports personalities inject anti-Trump vitriol and anti-American sentiment into their jobs. NFL games are now vehicles for political dissent. No surprise, ticket sales suck and ESPN is going down in flames.
  • University administrators, faculty, and their self centered student snowflakes reject free speech as hate speech, looking for counseling and “safe spaces” to protect their fragile egos.
  • Antifa thugs and anarchists push a rejection of all authority and accountability. They claim the “high ground”, but these entitled, suburban, white leftists only know the “high” part. To them, “ground” only refers to the coffee at Starbucks.
  • Black Lives Matter activists have made every issue a race issue. They use hate as a weapon for “justice”.
  • The “resistance” is promoted by many politicians, from the discredited Hillary Clinton to entitled and entrenched political hacks. They are dutifully supported by nearly everyone else with a “D” after their name. And they have a lot of willing sheep in tow.
  • The Never Trumpers fight to preserve their Washington swamp. They proclaim they’re protecting the people, but they’re really protecting their turf.
  • The mainstream news media present a never-ending onslaught of diversion, deceit, disgust and downright condescension. For this, they expect acceptance and accolades for their sheer humanity.
  • Social justice warriors feign outrage over virtually everything. To them, speech itself is violent and dangerous. Happiness is an utterly foreign concept to them. Grievance is their myopic world view.

It may all seem hopeless, but behind this dark cloud is a bright sun. The climate is changing (to borrow one of their favorite battle cries) and these humans are causing it. Face it. Reason and rationality are hard to overcome with hyperbole and hatred.


We the People know what’s going on. We’re not stupid. We see the real hypocrisy. We see the real hate. We see the real bias. The founding fathers believed in the wisdom of the people, and they were right.

This is what the elites and the aggrieved don’t understand. The fact is, they’re just not smarter or better than those they demean. But they will never accept this reality, because they view themselves as the benevolent protectors of the masses (read – you and me).

Even worse, these self-proclaimed experts expect blind allegiance, and they get mad if they don’t receive it.

But the regular folks are on to this scam. And, everyday, more Americans are coming to the same conclusion.

The haters continue to harden the convictions of those they despise. The “deplorables” have learned that the political establishment and the polemic radicals are in the same old boat. And it’s taking on water.

Don’t be discouraged by the rhetoric of the uppity, offended class. Common sense is very hard to deceive. In this knowledge we should all be comforted.

The ascendancy of Donald Trump is evidence of this truth. The populist, common sense view triumphed in spite of, and also because of an onslaught of high-minded hatred and hi jinx.

Ironically, the Trump haters of today created the beast they detest, and they still don’t realize it. They’re so smart, aren’t they? Take comfort in their wisdom.

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