The MOST Awards: The Last Twelve Presidents in a Nutshell


Donald Trump- The Most Unconventional President
Few expected him to win, and many don’t want him to succeed. But his Nielsen ratings have been great.

Barack Obama- The Most Protected President
He couldn’t do anything wrong because no one was allowed to see it. Then people found out what really happened.

George W. Bush- The Most Directed President
His elite advisors ran the show, right into a ditch.

Bill Clinton- The Most Erect President
They didn’t call him Slick Willie for nothing. Not even for just one thing, actually.

George H. W. Bush- The Most Qualified President
He did it all, all the way to the Presidency. Then he asked people to read his lips.

Ronald Reagan- The Most Underestimated President
The “dumb actor reading his lines” ending up winning an Oscar.

Jimmy Carter- The Most Overestimated President
The peanut farmer with the nuclear physics degree was a failed experiment in both nuts and knowledge.

Gerald Ford- The Most Unexpected President
He was the backup to the backup, Spiro Agnew. Remember Spiro Agnew?

Richard Nixon- The Most Resigned President
He was pretty good until he went all criminal on us.

Lyndon Johnson- The Most Redneck President
He’d meet with advisors while taking a dump. Come on. There’s not even a number two.

John F. Kennedy- The Most Glamorous President
Camelot meant he got a lot, and his wife and kids were good looking. Today’s left would hate him anyway.

Dwight Eisenhower- The Most Decorated President
He won countless ribbons and medals for leading the world against evil. Then he built highways and golfed.

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