The Three Classes of Clueless



Category 1: Just Plain Dumb

Honestly, some people just don’t understand much of anything. That’s a fact. Many will certainly claim offense at this appraisal, but those people are all in one of these three categories anyway.

Category 2: Willfully Ignorant

They turn a blind eye, voluntarily. They just don’t want to be bothered with difficult or uncomfortable things. If they’re exposed to one of these, they’ll scream bloody murder and demand retribution.

Category 3: Ideologically Confused

From mere haters to social justice warriors to political anarchists to died-in-the-wool activists, their ability to intellectually emote gets in the way of their ability to assess reality. They are motivated, angry, proud, utopian, useful tools. They’re absolutely convinced of the views they love. And you’re either evil or a fool if you disagree.

So, there you go. Now, when you hear of a Category 3 shitstorm, you’ll understand just what that means. Spread the word and prepare to evacuate.



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