Progressives: Denying History to Forge a Future

Innate goodness and basic common sense have always been mortal enemies of the powerful.

The reason is pretty simple. Power is based upon control. The elites need to control others in order to retain power and meet their objectives. They crave, need, teach, coerce and often compel compliance.

When anyone calls foul, they pose a threat to some elite agenda. Such insolence works against the purposes of the powerful who believe they simply know better than those they are supposed to be serving. They really don’t care what the people think. It’s irrelevant.

The yellow brick road to centralized power has been paved across the globe, from the very beginning of civilization. After many millenia, the unique American Experiment was forged in a crucible that recognized an endless litany of unjust and utterly predictable failures.

The term “American Exceptionalism” refers to the uniqueness of decentralized control as a means of governance. It does not mean Americans consider themselves superior. It refers to an exceptional idea. But, to those with power, it’s a very dangerous concept.

The forces pushing for control are always justified by their idealism and presumed superiority. They can create a better world for everyone. Just ask them, and they’ll explain it to you, and they’ll do it very sincerely.

It’s not that they’re necessarily harboring bad intentions. Some honestly believe they’re doing what’s best for everyone. But they all seem to have ignored the lessons of history, even today being willfully blind to people around the world who yearn for American style freedoms and opportunities in their own homelands.

It’s as if the American Experiment has been a failure. For any reasonable observer, it’s hard to view it as such. But wait. That’s exactly what we’re being told. The history of America is being revised, and the picture being painted isn’t pretty.

The renovation has actually been underway for about a century. And as the forces of control inexorably march toward further consolidation of power and greater centralization of authority, we are being told that America is a racist, greedy, evil nation…one that has never been great…or even good.

It seems that all of its institutions, including government, academia, entertainment media, the press and monopolistic corporate interests want to promote the the ills of American society in order to promote themselves. They think they’ve got it all figured out.

That’s why we are seeing more demonization of people, greater restrictions on the ideas they express, and the promotion of respect for classes over the rights of individuals.

In their view, the power elites are threatened by “dangerous, evil, greedy, stupid” citizens who don’t like being told what to do. By preaching that their precious individual rights are biased and harmful, the powerful hope to neutralize any backlash to their grandiose plans.

After all, if more people learn to appreciate and understand the basic goodness of the individual and the benefits of competition and free enterprise, there is less need for government control. That can’t happen.

Everyone needs to step back and ask themselves a few questions.

  • Do you really believe that the government can make better decisions for you and your family than you can?
  • Do you really believe that government can provide better services than other citizens competing for your satisfaction?
  • Do you really believe that a monolithic overlord is the most effective and efficient way to solve problems?
  • Has history shown that the powerful have had the best interests of the people at heart?

If you believe any of these, you can join the failed ranks of the countless millions throughout history who tried and died looking for that magic bullet.

Only one other approach has been tried. It’s counter-intuitive, but it works. It really works. Limited government, individual freedom, free enterprise and citizen rule are the radical ideas that burst the bubble of entrenched power and changed the world.

Hence, these values, the very foundations of America and of Western civilization in general, are under attack, and it’s coming from within and without. Not only are these principles being eroded by powerful institutions, they are being frayed from within by a compliant populace, all in the name of justice, fairness and diversity. The words themselves have been hijacked and given new meaning.

A powerful and unique history of success is being erased. It’s being systematically attacked and destroyed, helped along by idealistic citizens with good intentions, often harboring grudges, but always relying on a skewed perspective, selective knowledge and precious little common sense.

Ironically, in today’s world, these people call themselves progressives. Be forewarned. Their agenda has no place for you or your opinion.

Making America great again is not an idea to be feared or scorned. Populism is only a threat to the powerful. Despite what you’re being told, you can still be exceptional. You can still be in charge of your destiny. Don’t give it away for an empty promise that never worked before.

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