Handouts and Hope: The NFL/Obama School of Negotiation

One of them gave 100 million dollars away just to show he cares. The other shipped 1.4 billion dollars in unmarked bills aboard military transports, with free shipping, directly to the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, Iran. All willingly delivered for a promise to act better for ten years. And he has a portfolio of other artful deals.

One may be a minor league sucker. The other is truly world class. But they’re playing the same game.

Face it. Roger Goodell is the Barack Obama of the NFL. He gives everything away and gets nothing in return. To both of them, negotiation is nothing more than an opportunity to demonstrate compassion and to signal virtue. Then, they hope for the best.

Their idea of bargaining is simple: Give the adversary everything they want up front, then close the deal by giving them even more. Brilliant.

These guys think negotiating means “hope they return some love on the backside, once they see how nice we are”. Well, with that strategy, all you’ll get on the backside is itching and burning.

Fortunately, there’s a cream for that.

Returning a little love on the backside.

Everyday people are tired of this bull. Fans and citizens alike vote with their common sense. Empty seats and Donald Trump are the result of the same disgust. After all, everyone wants to win, and it’s frustrating to watch the quarterback repeatedly fumble the ball and throw Hail Marys into double coverage.

Common sense seems lost on the idiots and the elites. The rest have had enough. It’s not complicated. Why do these geniuses have to make everything seem so complex and difficult? Perhaps for them it is.

More likely, it’s a simple calculation: “If things were straightforward, and solutions were common sense, why would anyone need us?” They fear they would have no purpose. These people want to be needed and need to be wanted.

In their idealistic world, failure can be a resume enhancement. In their view, their success is based on how they felt, not what they dealt.

It all sounds ridiculous, but this has become the norm. Today, the ridiculous has become common. The common has become ridiculous. It boggles the minds of millions of everyday Americans.

Fortunately, these everyday people have learned the game. They realize they’ve been played. Times are changing. The elites are losing their grip on reality, and with it, their power.

Common sense is becoming common again. And the people are regaining their voice. All that’s needed is for those in power to shut up and listen.