Inside the Trojan Horse of the Speech Police

Determining when speech is hateful or harmful is the Trojan Horse of political correctness. In the name of social justice and diversity, good people are being coerced to happily follow the path of political correctness, yet they are destined to drown in a sea of oversight and oppression.

Prohibited speech is the inevitable result of attempts to protect people from “harmful” words and ideas. When words become equated with violence, freedom of speech is the inevitable casualty.

A glance at Europe is all it should take to see the reality of the threat. The policing of social media gives us an ominous vision of the the future of free speech.

The freedom to speak one’s mind is the foundation of all human rights. The United States has become the final battlefront for true freedom for the individual. The alluring shift toward protecting classes over individuals proceeds with vigor in America.

Too many people are willing to take that downhill path to policing any thoughts they see as an affront to some category of people. The more rewarding high road of respecting the individual is still there for the taking. But the high road is, by definition, an uphill route. Nobody ever said it was easy.

With devoted big-government, open-borders activists pushing their visions of a “new world order” of peace and respect, it’s more enticing and more convenient than ever to catch the valley train to totalitarianism.

“All aboard!” “Next stop, Utopia!” Millions are already pushing and shoving to get their ticket punched.

Of course, loving and caring are important virtues to pursue. But chasing these rainbows at the expense of the rights of others is akin to gladly opening the gates for a beautiful horse statue, lovingly sent from your friends in Troy.

If you want to fight for something truly important, fight for true freedom, the freedom to speak your mind. Everyone’s future depends on it. And that’s no bull.

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