The Left Loses its Shit Over Shitholes

Wait a minute. Either:

A. These countries actually are shitholes, and we need to let their people come here in order to save them and give them a better life, or

B. These countries are no different than any other country and their people don’t deserve special treatment in our immigration rules.

The leftists haven’t figured out this contradiction in their thinking because they’re too wrapped up in their mission  to demonize opponents as racist xenophobes. The ridiculousness of their position has not dawned on them yet. Maybe never. Probably never.

At some point, a lot of people lost their ability to discuss real, serious, common sense issues. Many are buying into this bull. They have eagerly swallowed this narrative of the left. “We need diversity, but not division. These horrible haters are causing division with us! Damn them!”

And all the while, they are the ones calling people names. But they just don’t see that.

They attack those who make any judgements by…judging them. They brand them deplorables. Duh.

For those not inclined to be led like sheep, there’s no reason to denounce or be ashamed of a candid observation of objective reality by the president. It is alleged to have happened in a private negotiation with a bunch of swamp creatures from Capitol Hill.

Sometimes, the truth hurts. The are some shithole countries out there, and there are a bunch of people trying to get out of them. Just because their country is a shithole, run by asses, it is no reflection on them as human beings, as a race, as individuals. That’s stupid.

The arguments of racism being thrown about are so cynical and devious. It’s not about real racism to these angry pansies. It’s about political advantage. And they’ll use every con artist trick available to reach their political objectives.

The left’s tactic involves beating the racism drum like a dead horse. It clearly demeans and diminishes real race issues, but they don’t care.

The people they trample as they march to their precious mountaintop just serve as cannon fodder. Such people are expendable (but not deplorable, of course). Sadly, the trampled think they’re being cared for by such good-hearted people. Better think again.

In reality, the hated “divisiveness” is being sown by the accusers and the offended, not those they decry. The offended are the attackers. It’s just crazy, if you think about it.

There is no acceptance of competing views by today’s “liberals” (sorry, misnomer). They are leftists, to be clear.

And leftists are not known for flexibility and open mindedness. Trump is a senile, racist, harassing, intimidating, reviled, stupid, insecure, evil piece of shit. That is not negotiable. And anyone who likes anything about him or his administration is just as bad.

Oh. And, by the way, remember that Trump and his supporters are causing division!

Bwahahahaha! Stop it! You’re killing me!



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