Collusion, Corruption and Cover-Ups: 5 Questions That Will Soon Be Answered

Despite the media telling us “nothing to see here”, it’s clear to any common sense person that something smells in Washington. We are assured by entrenched bureaucrats and ex-officials that everything is fine. The evil Republicans are insane, hateful and stuff. But the ruse can only last so long, because it’s based on lies.

The wall of secrecy is crumbling. A lot of people in Washington are worried. They should be. Fortunately, we’ll soon be learning much more about what really happened.

Here are five fundamental questions that will soon be answered:

1. Did members of the media collude with the Democratic Party to influence the 2016 election?

2. Was Christopher Steele used as a cover and a tool for the DNC and the Clinton campaign to undermine their political opponent?

3. Was Barack Obama involved in the collusion by weaponizing the Departments of State and Justice?

4. Did the Justice Department pay for opposition research on opponents of the party in power, and did it aid in its dissemination?

5. Did a Presidential candidate collude with the Russian government to influence an election, and did that candidate wear pantsuits?






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