Will the Justice Department Sell Us a Lemon?

The good people we entrusted to uphold our laws and defend our Constitution have taken some serious body blows recently. Now, the problems in the intelligence community threaten to diminish and damage a nation of laws. The Constitution is threatened.

The bosses at the FBI and DOJ have destroyed their hard-earned integrity and credibility. The top echelon of both have corrupted what are supposed to be non-political organizations. After an inevitable change in leadership, the rank and file patriots who grind it out every day will have a decision to make. Will they help rebuild their department’s tarnished reputation by proving their honor and impartiality, both to their new leadership and to the nation?

If they do, that will not bode well for the old guard. The Justice Department’s Inspector General will soon release an independent and exhaustive report on the goings on at the DOJ and FBI. Once the wall of deceit crumbles, a dark underbelly of political corruption will be revealed. It must be rooted out and a message must be sent.

The rank and file must know this. Simply explaining that they are hard working, dedicated public servants will not fix the problem.

Only by honestly admitting top-level political corruption will there be any hope of restoring this tarnished clunker of cronyism. And that can only be done from the inside out. If the ground troops move to reclaim their honor, there is hope for the rule of law. If they can’t muster the will, it’s hard to imagine anything more than Bondo on a bucket of bolts.

Unfortunately, a simple coat of paint will only cast the government in the role of used car salesman. Americans may not be fluent in political doublespeak, but they can see right through a clever and devious sales pitch.

Let’s hope that, if they’re going to be offered a lemon, Americans will say “no sale”, and demand to talk to the manager. All talk and no action is not a solution. Take that junker down to the frame and rebuild it.





2 thoughts on “Will the Justice Department Sell Us a Lemon?

  1. Nonsense, a few agents with a personal opinion does not tarnish the entire department. There is a whole lot more corruption outside the agencies among the politicians.


  2. That’s the point of the article. Corruption at the top damages everyone in the department, and they don’t deserve it. Having to repair their reputation doesn’t mean they were the ones who damaged it.


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