WTF, California? Way to shoot yourself in the foot!

California’s in a bind on sanctuary cities. And they did it to themselves! The state just proved the fed’s case on immigration law and the Supremacy Clause.

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra has continuously lectured America about his state’s right to ignore federal laws on immigration.

Now, some California cities are voting to opt out of the state’s sanctuary city law. The Attorney General is not happy.

He says it’s the law of the State of California and he intends to enforce it. Ahh! Really?

So, he demands his cities obey the law of California, but he says the state won’t bow to federal immigration law.

1. Does he honestly believe people won’t see the blatant hypocrisy?
2. Does he think this move will strengthen his state’s case against the feds?

No matter the answers, only two possible conclusions can be drawn.

1. He’s stupid.
2. He’s corrupt.





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