Starbucks Gets Screwed and It’s Pretty Funny

The Starbucks logo has become a symbol of love for every liberal cause. These bumbling baristas are the caffeinated champions of social justice.

But they slipped up. One unfortunate incident was all it took for the racism hustlers to throw them under the bus. Now, the company has decided to double down on their marketing plan: virtue signaling.

They fired the hapless manager for harboring “unconscious racial bias”. They’re going to close 8,000 stores one day in May so they can conduct “racial sensitivity training” for their 170,000 employees.

And the creme de lunacy they plan to swirl on top of their liberal latte? They will have the training program developed by Eric Holder, who just recently suggested he may run for president.

When will all the liberal-licking companies realize that kissing up to leftists is the kiss of death? As soon as they stumble, they’ll be next on the boycott list.

The Starbucks business plan consists of trying to please people who don’t want to be pleased. It’s so stupidly sad that it’s funny.

The look on the face of this cashier says it all. “Oh, Mother Nature! Don’t they understand we love them?”


Watch NoBull on Starbucks on YouTube:



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