For Some People, the Constitution Needs a Warning Label

It’s been said that there’s sanctuary in the voting booth. It’s true. The right to vote is precious. It’s the most basic guarantor of our freedoms.

Sadly, as usual, Democrats and their leftist rooting section misunderstand and misconstrue the obvious. They take that preciousness to mean that we must provide the opportunity for everyone, even non-citizens, to vote. 

To these egalitarian Einsteins, non-citizens deserve the same rights as American citizens. American constitutional rights belong to the world, if you buy their narrative.

If everyone has a right to vote in American elections, why is there such a thing as “voter fraud”? Someone must have wanted to limit access to that right.

Is the citizen voter just another outdated, evolving concept like the Constitution? That’s what those who cherish change want you to believe. ED60E428-794A-4C44-A189-0DF287660A21

And, to prove their cluelessness, they just can’t comprehend how people would send someone to Washington to blow the place up. They don’t want to accept that decision by the voters. That’s not the kind of change they want.

The American ideal is only obvious to some. The fact is, stupid people are the reason we have hilarious warning labels on everything we buy. These are the same people who want to oversee “the fundamental transformation of America”.

Thanks, but no thanks.

America’s sovereignty is under siege. Apparently The Bill of Rights is not obvious to some people. Is it time to rename it The Citizens Bill of Rights? That’s probably not obvious enough. Maybe we should just add a warning label: “Keep away from leftists and small children.





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