Raising Robots: The Public School Propaganda Machine

Teachers are supposed to open minds and teach skills, not enlist recruits for a cause. They have become advocates, not instructors.

Teachers have forgotten their mission, but at least they mean well. They really believe they’re doing the right thing. But they are mistaken. They live in a new kind of world, a world of group think, heavy on suppression of dissent.

The teachers themselves have been indoctrinated by their unions and their mandated curriculum. They’ve been convinced and cajoled to promote ideologies rather than instruct and inspire.

Teaching critical thinking to our children works against their visions of a better world. Critical thinking requires questioning and asking “why”. Such independent thought is now considered divisive and disruptive.

You know, it’s just not inclusive. Go figure.D86E77B3-E566-4D31-817A-500FBB3CA049

To teachers (and to their leaders), that’s old world stuff…an archaic view, unenlightened by modern wisdom.

In that sanctimonious and misled belief, they justify using students to help them in their quest for a better world.

Disturbingly, moms and dads seem happy to sign the permission slips. Anything to get the kids out of the house, and to teach them how to care properly as society demands.

Are we all becoming robots, incapable of original ideas and unable to question?

Parents must ask themselves: Is this what I was expecting from my public school? Am I raising a thinker or a follower?






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