How the Intelligence Community Double-Crossed America

The sole, intended purpose of American intelligence agencies is to inform the country’s elected leadership about what’s really going on. They are there to help Congress and the President execute their responsibilities with maximum knowledge and effectiveness.

Sadly, these intelligence agencies have become something very different and much more threatening to the people, to the President and to the future of the nation.  

America’s intelligence community has devolved into a weaponized political machine, and unlike in dictatorships, it is not under the control of the country’s leadership. At least not anymore.

It used to be controlled by the previous president but not the current one. In America, control of its spy and investigation network is only available to leaders with a certain ideology. Populist leaders are left on the outside, looking in through frosted windows.

The intelligence machine has become a cynical tool for unelected, entrenched, self-appointed, ideological bureaucrats.


This should come as no surprise. World history has shown repeatedly that intelligence agencies are ripe for corruption. In its current form, we have a secret weapon being used against the elected government and those who elected it.

In fact, the essential characteristics of intelligence agencies virtually guarantee corruption and subversion. Without transparency and without control by accountable, elected representatives of the people, the results are near certain.

Here are six fundamental and essential tenets of intelligence agencies that make them perfect vessels for corruption and abuse:

  1. A culture of subordinates carrying out orders and directives without questioning (as in the military)
  1. The enforced secrecy of operations
  1. A concentration of direction and decision making at the top, favoring career government bureaucrats in leadership roles
  1. The agency leadership’s susceptibility to ideological direction by an aligned political leadership in charge of their career advancement
  1. A covert information gathering capability
  1. The power of law enforcement


The corruption in these agencies is clear and understandable. This is not an irrational conclusion, but an obvious one.

Without fundamental reform of the Justice Department and the intelligence community, the right of the people’s elected representatives to oversee and regulate this machine will be forever thwarted.

It may be scrawled in invisible ink, but the writing is right there on the wall. Unfortunately, only those who want to see it are going to be alarmed. It will not be an easy task to overcome the inertia and the elitism. But it is a critical and essential battle that must be fought.

Otherwise, self-rule and representative government will be just an illusion, thrust upon us by a secret, subversive society of clever cons. Because to them, transparency is merely an inconvenience to be avoided. In their “private eyes”, the more power they have, the better.


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