The Stormy Daniels Case: A Big Pair of Questions

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is talking about Michael Cohen’s bank transactions. He says his law firm’s work produced it, and how they developed that information “is none of your damned business”.

For weeks now, slick attorney Michael Avenatti has been on countless talk shows, and has become a staple of CNN and MSNBC. He says Russians paid Cohen money for stuff, and he has the bank records to prove it.

Of course, to be relevant to his case, if Russians are doing stuff, wouldn’t Stormy need to be the stuffee? That probably happens to her a lot, but it’s hard to see the legal connection here. But, no matter, it could be bad for Trump. That’s the Team Stormy dream, at least.

Curiously, the media now reports that a couple transactions he blabbed about were mistakes. They were for different people named Michael Cohen. Oops…or not.

It’s easy to imagine such sloppiness being intentionally included in order to conceal the true source of those records, and to make it look like simple shoddy work product by Avenatti’s “investigative” team.

We’re already hearing in the press that these errors don’t diminish Stormy’s case, whatever that case is. It was just sloppy work. Oh…and Trump sucks.

But nobody is asking how this lizard-lipped lawyer acquired someone else’s bank records in the first place. And nobody asks what the hell kind of case he’s now pursuing anyway.

For months, Avenatti told us that Stormy just wanted to give the hush money back and tell us all about how she did Donald. Of course, she already did that on 60 Minutes. If that’s what she wanted to do, then all she needs to do now is pay back the $130,000 and go away.

But she won’t go away. Apparently it pays to keep playing along. That brings us to a great pair. A couple fine points, if you will. Two really big questions:

Who’s paying who? Who’s playing who?


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