Seriously, Donald Trump is President. What’s Up With That?

This third rock from the sun has become a crazy place. The old rules don’t seem to apply anymore. Change happens pretty fast these days. The apple cart hasn’t just been upset, it’s been toppled. And we’re learning that most of the apples in that cart are rotten to the core.

Around the globe, things are hitting the fan. It’s a regular shitfest. And the frontline resistance to this barrage is the country acknowledged to be the superpower of the planet. Despite that, after eight years of “strategic patience” and “leading from behind”, this has shocked the planet.

The United States became the beacon of liberty and prosperity to the world, but that light had dimmed behind a cloud of government inertia, incompetence and impetuousness. Soft leadership only made things worse. Little was expected from the United States anymore.

In a unique nation “of the people, by the people and for the people”, the governmental part of that equation had followed the natural, historically repeated path toward concentrated power and rampant corruption.

93890DF4-ED29-4709-AB60-ABEB1DCA1685It should be no surprise that, at some point, the people of that nation would reach the breaking point. Almost miraculously, the nation’s founders built a framework for liberty that was strong enough to withstand trillion dollar machines of power. As planned, the people spoke.

In America, citizens still had a say. Together, they took command of the apple cart.

The result was a bull in the china shop. An outsider rode into town, guns blazing, set to battle Goliath with the audacity only a New York businessman could muster.

By the time this new sheriff appeared on the horizon, the long knives were already out. To those in power, this threat to their established system was unacceptable. The political class went berserk. Their compliant news media convulsed into hysterical overdrive.

Statist, big government types colluded in every way to protect a machine that they themselves had worn down with decades of abuse and missed maintenance schedules. We are only beginning to learn the true level of corruption and sedition employed in this endeavor over the last two years alone.

Despite the enthusiastic help of liberals, socialists, leftists and millions more armed only with anger and an ignorance of history, the unbelievable happened.

A real estate mogul, TV star and generally garrulous cad from Queens became President of the United States. Really. No shit.

Celebrity Apprentice - Season 14

The people decided they were fed up with the whole mess. It was time for some dishware destruction.

The world has reacted in shock, dismay and fear at this “running of the bull”. But things were on the wrong path and picking up speed. Something had to be done.

Against all odds, the strained filaments of the American tapestry were still strong enough for populism to overtake the most powerful bureaucracy on the face of the earth.

Amazingly, Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. His election was an earth shaking event. And the aftershocks will be felt for a long time…if we’re lucky.

The world is already learning lessons from this new American paradigm of populism. And it seems to be catching on elsewhere. Not a minute too soon, either.





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