Barack Obama: The Smooth Talking Thug

He talked a good game and gathered millions of admirers. His flowery style impressed those who believed in his sincerity and were impressed by his vision of  “fundamentally transforming America”.

His admirers pictured a devoted patriot, tirelessly working behind the scenes to defend righteousness and promote social justice.

But now we are beginning to see the true corruption of the system, the underhanded tactics used to destroy his detractors, and the feckless leadership that failed America in almost every way possible.

Whether it was using the IRS to impede conservative groups, weaponizing the intelligence community to subvert a presidential campaign, or doing the end-around on Congressional authority and oversight, Barack Obama was a truly lawless leader.

The rule of law was merely an inconvenience to this committed ideologue. Not surprisingly for a lifelong leftist, the ends justified the means.

Of course, his loving minions, including a doting press, enabled his shenanigans and covered for his chicanery. It took a horribly botched election cycle by his chosen successor and the legal and ethical entanglements exposed after his attempts to undermine a duly elected president to lay bare his true persona.

Barack Obama turned out to be just a smooth talking thug, bent on doing whatever it took to advance a radical agenda. While his hoped for legacy burns to ashes, he has succeeded only in dragging a litany of serial liars and abusers into the fire.

For this, at least, we should be grateful. Thanks, Obama!


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