“Pumped Up Kim” Slays Singapore

Kim Jong Un flew into town courtesy of a chartered Air China 747. Trump flew in on the world’s best 747, customized for the leader of the free world. Kim stuffed himself into a rented Mercedes limo. Trump relaxed in “The Beast”, his armored, tricked-out ride, flown in via military transport, as usual.

Kim’s supporters in China were desperate to pump him up, but it gave the appearance of him being their puppet. If China really wanted to do things right, they would have re-labeled their plane with “KIM AIR” or “FLY NoKo” logos. And they would have replaced that Mercedes hood ornament with a little nuke missile symbol.

But China knew it wouldn’t have made a difference. Little Rocket Man is still just “pumped up Kim”. Run, baby run! Run from his gun! Everybody knows he’s a pumped up hermit…





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