From Blue Wave to Brown Shirts: How Democrats Are Destroying Their Own Future


When you promote a culture of agreement by intimidation, the inevitable casualty is liberty. As their party continues to move to the left, Democrats are leaving individual rights in the dust.

As they will learn again, the hard way, this is not where the American people are. It’s where the left wants them to be, and they rigidly believe most Americans want to be there, too.

It is this blinding conviction of ideology that is proving to be their downfall. They still can’t accept that people voted against them in 2016. They’re certain that many of these foolish voters will come to their senses and return them to power.

That unfounded certainty has them convinced that they lost the presidency only because of lies and shenanigans. They find it impossible to believe that people could possibly not grasp their genius.

But, in America, citizens are not drawn to elites and government control. It’s contrary to their very nature. It will take more re-education, more revision of history, more skewing of reality, for everyday Americans to ever accept their utopian vision.

The successes of the Trump administration are driving them to the edge. They’re beginning to drop their cloak of caring. The gloves are coming off, and the average American finds that oppressive behavior utterly unappealing.

With the economy invigorated and the country showing strength and leadership around the globe, it’s getting harder and harder for people to buy in to the leftist narrative.


It seems the left is gathering for a battle. They’re done with selling ideas. They’ve reverted to insults, vulgarity and intimidation. It’s not a good look for the party of tolerance and diversity.

The reality is, if liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. They are marching toward an Uncivil War on American ideals. And they no longer care what anyone thinks.

It’s not about what you think. It’s all about what they think. And if you have to be a casualty of war, they’re convinced that’s a small price to pay for the new America they demand. What these egalitarian Einsteins have not realized is obvious and simple: Not many people are going to jump on their bandwagon. And those people have the guns to ensure that train doesn’t leave the station.

But the train crash the leftists are now orchestrating seems more certain every day. Be prepared to fight for what you hold dear. Americans will learn to call them their enemy, because that’s what they’ve become.


UPDATE: From Newsmax, just hours after this NoBull Cause commentary was published-

Click this link:

Second Civil War Coming, Say Third of Voters in Rasmussen Poll



2 thoughts on “From Blue Wave to Brown Shirts: How Democrats Are Destroying Their Own Future

  1. Finally! I’ve suspected the Nazi influence. The pre-WWII actions of Hitler’s Brown Shirts are being re-enacted by antifa followers, and I’ve questioned if they’ve been present at something similar to the “town hall” meetings of pre-WWII in which the Brown Shirts learned some nasty techniques of terrorizing people. ( I haven’t dared mention this lest others think I’m paranoid. ) The whole antifa movement is not for exercising a person’s rights but to agitate and provoke anger in others. What fools.They harass people to the point of frustration then whine like babies when someone comes too close to them. They lie and exaggerate the facts of their experiences but their videos don’t prove the lies. What a sad and pitiful example of America…and they call themselves ‘patriots’


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