Facebook’s Customer Service Shows Us the Failure of Socialism

Where is the instant online chat to answer your questions about policy and procedure? Where’s the prominent toll free number to call for help?

Why are policies and decisions based on endless legalese and caveats?

If Facebook operated like a business, it would be hellbent on pleasing its customers. Instead, it bows to the powers above, and kneels before the altar of political correctness.

It’s not a marketplace of ideas. That would require freedom to express those ideas. But the push is on to hone their users’ world into some utopian dream. It’s silly, at the very least.458856A7-D452-4DEC-B597-190D751FDC03

If you ever wondered about today’s equivalent of the post office and the phone company, it’s the social media titans. The current landscape is nothing more than an argument for liberty.

It’s an example of how a company becomes like the government as it strives to please the government. It’s about a company that becomes a utility, with no need to win over customers anymore.

That formula is the secret sauce of socialism. The only elixir to treat this disease is liberty…the freedom envisioned by those old, white, rich geezers from the 18th century.

The irony is rich. Unfortunately, so are tech companies. It’s proof that socialism works, if you just suck up to the leaders.

Populism has no place in the world of the elites. They’ve already got it good. They’re in protect mode now. And we see the deep state in D.C. is in protect mode, too.

818D16AE-DF3C-45AC-B88A-16695631DA72The picture is clear. The current landscape is nothing more than an argument for liberty.

Really, nothing against Facebook. It’s a pretty cool platform. But you have to wonder what it might have been like if conservatives ran it.

Ditto for the world.


And in the ultimate irony, here’s your chance to join the swamp:



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