Why are Democrats suddenly SO concerned about election integrity?

Where the hell did THAT come from? Here’s where:

Seemingly overnight, Democrats went INSANE with fear and rage that cyber criminals and enemy nations might threaten the hallowed purity of their suddenly SACRED voting system.

They now claim that any meddling in our election system, no matter HOW small it may be, destroys the purity of elections, because as Democrats, they (of course) REVERE this age-old institution of democracy.

During the election, as long as Hillary was expected to win, they had no problem with meddling. They buried the evidence. In the meantime, they meddled in their own primary voting system! (Hi, Bernie.)

So, how did they get this new reverence for fidelity to the rule of law? It boggles the mind! It goes against everything they’ve been trying to accomplish.

Haven’t they been calling voter ID laws racist? In case there are such laws, they gladly issue government IDs and drivers licenses to any breathing human of driving age, no questions asked.A97BC6DA-E70A-46DE-931D-3F52A8022E19

They fought tooth and nail to create the current immigration system, and they got exactly what they wanted. It rewards anyone who wants to come across the border and asks to get on the government dole.

Even if illegal entrants break a bunch more laws, they’re offered protection. Democrat mayors now declare their cities to be sanctuaries for anyone who can make it across the border.

And, OF COURSE, all of these people MUST be allowed to vote (even though that has always been against the law). Why? Because they’re humans! And we all know that “no human is illegal”.CC26E283-153C-4F69-B161-9AFF3ECE87EA

Democrats have devoted their lives to recruiting and delivering extra voters for their party. But now they want us to believe in their newfound fidelity to the law. Suddenly, they NEED to protect the integrity of the voting system.

Yeah. The one they’ve been trying to get around for fifty years. That one.

As soon as they perceived a possible threat to their margin of victory at the polls (by evil outsiders they claim are trying to put tyrants in power), well, that became a crisis of epic proportions.

Anyone who dares to differ with their assessment is treasonous and anti-American. They miraculously became the sole defenders of the law. It’s laughable.

Even better for them, this is a perfect opportunity to illegitimize their opposition. It’s a tyranny two-for-one. Never mind that they’re flaming, lying hypocrites when they do that.

It’s about ideology. It’s all about the means to an end. Their ends justify their means, as communists used to say (coincidentally, of course).

The fact is, the Democrat’s pining about meddling is just a new tactic to corrupt the election process and reach their leftist goals that much sooner. If they can also diminish the legitimacy of their opponents, well, that’s even better.

It’s another cynical ploy by cynical people who really think they know it all. For them, getting votes is just a formality to get control. In their view, all they need is the appearance of victory at the polls. It has nothing to do with the rights of citizens.

For them, it’s not about who elects them. It’s about winning at all cost. Their ideology explains everything. They’re scam artists. Plain and simple.




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