The Left’s Latest Lie: Guaranteed Jobs

In the midst of robust economic growth, high consumer and business confidence, and more jobs available than there are people to fill them, the Democrats are now promoting a plan for government guaranteed jobs for everyone.

Ignoring the economic expansion that came from reduced taxes and regulations, these “progressive” thinkers just can’t help themselves. In the progressive’s view, government can provide everything the people need.

And they have millions of ignorant lemmings out there willing to swallow and support that narrative.

The fact is, economic growth and personal freedom come from limiting the power and scope of government. But progressives love top-down control. They view citizens as wards of the state. They consider themselves so smart and caring.

And they think everyone else is stupid enough to believe in their sophomoric schemes. Everything they think, say and do runs contrary to what made America successful. But they also know that half the people aren’t knowledgeable enough to think through their hare-brained plans.

Their followers want desperately to feel safe and cared for. The liberal holders of the government largesse are more than happy to steal from the rest of us in order to play the Good Samaritan.

But they are in reality thieves and liars. They love power, not liberty or the people.




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