Allowing Preventable Crimes is Just Crazy

We should all be able to agree that murders are bad, and that they should be prevented. But not everyone seems convinced.

People are justifiably angry about the senseless murder of Mollie Tibbetts. The fact is, similar murders occur frequently across the country, and only a few get reported, so they don’t garner much attention.

It’s only natural to be outraged by heinous crimes. But millions are angry about what looks to them to be a broad brush, painting an entire group of people as dangerous criminals.

It’s easy to just get angry and yell “Get them all out!” (which is probably impossible). It’s also easy for others to cry racism and claim an entire group of people are being called murderers (when that distorts reality).

No one is advocating for the death penalty for illegal immigrants. Murderers? That’s a different story.

Only murderers should pay the price for murder. Of course, you can only be executed once, so demanding harsher punishment for certain killers is pointless, except for expressing anger and frustration.

Latino crime rates are really no higher than for any other population in the U.S., so the argument should never center on race, but on security. The bottom line is that every nation must have laws, and must be able to control its borders.

g9510.20_Immigration.coverIt’s not an issue of race or nationality but of law. And it’s undeniable that people who are here by bypassing the laws are like intruders in our home.

We may get murdered on the corner, at work or at home by our fellow citizens. It’s a risk we take every day.

What we have now though, is an additional layer of risk: people who are in our country illegally. Any ONE of them who ends up murdering a citizen is a murderer that should not have been here in the first place. At least not if our existing laws were enforced as promised.

Crimes committed by illegals are, by definition, preventable crimes. We let them in through the back door, ignoring the rules that were designed and declared to protect us and maintain order.

It’s like leaving your doors unlocked and saying, “Well…anyone can be a killer, so why lock the doors? It won’t make a difference anyway.”

But it’s not racist or hateful to lock your doors. It’s called being prudent. It’s the smart thing to do. Unfortunately, we seem to be engaged in a war on prudence these days.

We need to get serious about protecting our home and the family. Despite the common sense of this, some will call us haters for locking our doors.

It’s like they want the USA to be a big Motel 6. “Stop on in! We’ll leave the lights on for you!”

But that’s just setting ourselves up for trouble. In so many ways.



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