The McCain Funeral: Self Serving Eulogies Distort History to Score Political Points

A who’s who of deep state devotees paraded to the podium to eulogize Senator John McCain. They universally praised his sense of patriotism and his dedication to his country. All of these accolades were well deserved.

The speakers recalled his firmness and his temper, but they made a point to note his friendship with politicians across the aisle. He was considered a maverick, they said, but he was also interested in bipartisan solutions.


They reverently remembered how he was unafraid to call out his own party. He was an equal opportunity offender, one who stood for principle over politics.

After these fair and reasonable observations, presented by Presidents Obama and Bush, along with a bevy of political power players, there was one more unspoken, common theme to their presentations: Donald Trump is a problem.

Implicit in their diatribes was the underlying premise that things have gotten out of control in the nation’s capitol. Someone was upsetting the apple cart, creating division and damaging civil discourse. His name was not spoken, as if to say that it should be taboo to even utter the words “Donald Trump”.

The President was not invited, and that was probably fine with him. He’s known to love his supporters and revile his detractors. In this approach, John McCain was no exception. Both the deceased Senator and the disinvited President were known to stubbornly hold grudges.


Even the Senator’s presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, was told not to bother showing up. That’s quite a grudge. It’s not known what she did to be shunned by his family. She said nothing but complimentary things after his passing.

The saddest part was the opportunity taken by eulogists to make a self serving point about how bad things have become under the current president (you know…what’s his name).

And lost in the flowery words and the hand wringing was a consistent theme that seemed designed to gloss over the devastating divisions caused by decades of Democrats and more recent anti-Trumpers.

For countless election cycles, Republicans, including John McCain, were vilified as stupid, hateful enemies of the country. But now, the originator of division and strife was implied to be that mean guy, Donald Trump.

The fact is, the left has been doing everything they can to paint Trump supporters as bigoted beasts, bent on destroying the motherland. They have consistently and deceptively blamed their opponents for using the very tactics they have employed for a long, long time…long before Trump.

Just as the Paul Wellstone funeral was turned into a campaign rally against conservatives, the McCain funeral was more subtly turned into similar political theater.


While Senator McCain would have enjoyed getting in one last dig, the sullying of this solemn ceremony to make self-serving political points was no surprise to anyone who knows the true history of political divisions in America.

Donald Trump was not the cause of these divisions. He was the result of them. And the bitter clingers and the lovers of the good old boys network don’t take very kindly to being called on the carpet.

And hence, a funeral became a muted rally for the deep state, a warning to uppity patriots to settle down and shut up. Ironically, a maverick was used to quell an uprising. How cynical and clever.




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