NEW FACTS vs. OLD LIES: The 2018 Election Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Don’t let anyone tell you this election is about anything but Donald Trump. The swamp creatures of government and the dishonest media have worked for years to get rid of him. They have created a never-ending narrative to destroy him, and they’re not shy about that.

They never let the facts, or even the search for them, get in their way.

Now, some patriots in congress, along with a few daring investigative reporters, have uncovered the truth. The picture is not pretty.

Expect a lot of new information to be revealed over the next thirty days that will blow up the deceptive story that citizens have heard over and over again.

The anti-Trump troops hope that, if they tell a story often enough and enough people end up believing it, the people will turn on this rebel of a president. The facts be damned.


But the more the public sees the new evidence of a corrupt government, and of collusion with their propaganda arms in the press, the more likely it is that they will see what is really going on.

The only impediment to this is the convenient cover offered by the media. Now, their narrative is being ratcheted up, in hopes of creating a firewall against the coming and undeniable evidence of corruption and collusion by the powers of the state and their willing enablers in the press.

The unholy alliance of the Obama justice department, the anti-Trumpers, the deep state, the Hillary cabal and the elite talking heads is about to be revealed. The primary conduits for this campaign, the New York Times and The Washington Post, are about to be exposed for what they really are.


For a change, this October surprise will be the simple truth. Whether people are reasonable enough to accept it is the only question. It’s up to us to shout the word to those blinded by the lies of dishonest journalists and partisan political hacks.

As usual, the responsibility for rescuing the republic rests in the hands of the people. Really…isn’t populism wonderful? It works every time it’s used, but ONLY if it’s used. Speak out and VOTE. Be the town criers of truth and reason.

You are on the front lines of this battle for our future. So, keep the faith. More ammunition is in the pipeline. Keep bravely firing away. Believe that the truth will win. And even if it doesn’t, it can’t be worse than if we didn’t even try.

Follow the president’s lead: never surrender.




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